[wp-hackers] Project Idea Moving Wordpress

Siddharth Jain jn.siddharthjain at gmail.com
Wed May 1 15:37:11 UTC 2013

I'm applying to contribute to WordPress as a part of GSOC's Program. I am
doing my graduation form Delhi University in India. I am in the second year
and I am majoring from Information Technology. I have developed many
websites. Some of them are coded using PHP,HTML,Jquery and SQl, rest are
developed using wordpress

I am interested in the project on moving wordpress. As the current
procedure involves exporting the database, modifying it then importing it
back for changing the domain. This procedure is quiet complicated. Moreover
if the hosting is changed we need to modify wp-config.php. My idea can make
this task easy. Actually i have two ideas in my mind

First Approach
By appending these two lines in wp-config.php we can change the domain name
which is certainly not the best fix but works nicely. In my first approach
i  will work on the functionality of appending these two lines, improve
them and finally I will write make a code that will modify the file
wp-config.php by taking the required inputs from the user.

Second Approach
Second approach involves modifying the database (after copying it to a
file) by running a script which does the same thing as the one we do
manually after exporting the database.

I'd appreciate any feedback


Siddharth Jain

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