[wp-hackers] Default jquery ui style

Chris McCoy chris at lod.com
Wed May 1 12:23:39 UTC 2013

to my knowledge only the .js libraries are available.

you will either have to use a cdn that has the css you want or download it
yourself and enqueue the stylesheet.

On 2013-05-01 7:03 AM, "danix" <danixland at gmail.com> wrote:

>Hello everybody,
>while writing a plugin that I wanted to see included in the WordPress
>plugin repository I was looking for a default jquery ui style to use and
>found none.
>Am I looking in the wrong place or is it true that there's no default
>style for the jquery ui shipped with WordPress?
>Since WP ships with a lot of jquery ui plugins I think there should be
>some kind of default style so that plugin can have a uniform look on the
>admin pages without having to bundle custom styles.
>Thanks a lot in advance.
>Danilo 'danix' M.
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