[wp-hackers] enterprise WP management

David Anderson david at wordshell.net
Wed May 1 09:10:57 UTC 2013

> http://crowdfavorite.com/wordpress/ramp/
> http://ithemes.com/purchase/backupbuddy/
> And I don't expect these two example will address everyone's concerns.

Certainly they won't. ;-)

If your need is to do enterprisey/governmenty stuff like:

  * Change management: detect modifications made to plugins/themes (and
    auto-patch new versions)
  * Backups: keep historical copies of any plugins/themes that are updated
  * Restore: be able to roll back to historical versions
  * Logging: keep a log of backup/restore/etc. operations performed
  * Mass-management: be able to see at a glance what's installed + what
    needs updating, and operate on all your sites at once
  * Scriptable: be able to do all this stuff from the CLI, and script
    and automate it

Then, that's part of the need I had to scratch that led to WordShell 
(http://wordshell.net). It also does database search-and-replace and a 
ton of other things.

It's free in the GPL sense, but not the economic sense... I'm hoping to 
get a free-in-economic-sense version out at some point this year and 
will let this list know when I do. Some more big agencies buying the 
existing site licence would certainly help me have some more time to 
advance plans for that.


WordShell - WordPress fast from the CLI - www.wordshell.net

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