[wp-hackers] using ajax to save options

Aero Maxx aero.maxx.d at gmail.com
Mon May 30 09:53:33 UTC 2011

I have written a sitemap plugin and I have sections for pages, posts, 
custom post types, archives categories and tags.

I would like users of the plugin to order the output and would like to 
do this with a list of the sections and they sort the list themselves as 
to how they want it, and ajax would save the order of the list into the 
options table.

But I have having difficulty with the saving part, have got the ajax 
part working but its not saving anything into the database.

Someone has written this blog post on how to do what I am wanting to do 
but not having much luck in getting it working and have done exactly 
what they have said to do.


If someone could shine some light in my direction I would be very 
grateful thanks.

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