[wp-hackers] any suggestions before creating search module? :)

Konrad Karpieszuk kkarpieszuk at gmail.com
Wed May 11 10:43:21 UTC 2011

hi there

I am preparing to create some kind of search engine for one post type
(called 'appartments') which will query those posts counting tens of
custom fields associated with post. every post has CF like
'_animalls_allowed' , '_seasight_location' with values 'yes', 'no' or

i know that here are plenty of wordpress specialist so could you give
me some suggestions? i have some idea in my head but what do you
suggest to read? how to hook this into standard wordpress search query
(now i am thinking about creating my own search form which will use
own search mechanism [but also on query posts]). maybe you know some
articles which can be helpfull for me? or maybe some plugin which
already exists?

thank you in advance for any suggestions!

(en) regards / (pl) pozdrawiam
Konrad Karpieszuk

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