[wp-hackers] [GSoC] Document Management

Aaron Jorbin aaron at jorb.in
Thu Mar 31 00:59:19 UTC 2011

This seems like a GREAT idea to me.  My questions are:

How do you intend to fit this in the allocated timeline?  This seems
like an awfully large project to do in a single summer when the goal
is to have a working prototype by mid-term and spending the second
half polishing.  What sort of timeframe are you thinking?

How do you intend to enforce user permissions on files?  Will you
force users to edit there server configuration (.htaccess for shared
servers) or do you have another idea for preventing directly getting
the files?

Do you intend for this to be completely backend based, or will there
be front end components?

I do think this is a great idea that has alot of potential.


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