[wp-hackers] WP Menu - Showing wrong active class (for me anyway).

Robert Lusby nanogwp at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 14:51:20 UTC 2011

I have a WP Menu setup in the standard way in a theme.

That menu us made up of various pages including:
Home, Blog, Events, Contact.


Events is a custom post type.

When visiting any of the top level "pages", the current active menu 
class is correctly added to the right part of the menu structure. So 
Contact adds a current class to the Contact menu item etc ...

When visiting an item of the "events" custom post type .. eg
the current class gets added to the "Blog" menu item, and not the Events 
menu item.

Any idea why this is? How do I tell it that this is a child of Events, 
and not a child of Blog?
/events, /blog are all pages.


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