[wp-hackers] XML RPC WordPress API Tutorial

Pasquale Puzio pasquale.puzio at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 06:41:54 UTC 2011

Hi WordPress hackers,

I am designing a mobile application for a web project I developed
using WordPress.

Considering the data that the application will manage is the same data
produced by WordPress website, I've thought three possible solutions
to retrieve the data (in order of elegance):
1) to use XML RPC WordPress API but I don't know very well which
operations I can do using this API, so I need a good tutorial, can you
suggest me a good one?
2) to use a Web service hosted on the same location of WordPress
website so it can access easilly to the data produced by WordPress
website (that it's stored in a local database)
3) to execute sql queries from mobile application to the remote
WordPress Database, but I hate this solution

What are your suggestions for me? Has someone of us never realized an
application like that? If yes, which solution/technology did you use?


Dott. Pasquale Puzio
info at pasqualepuzio.it
340 5026359

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