[wp-hackers] Permalink Structure - Performance vs. SEO

mickey panayiotakis mickey at infamia.com
Tue Jun 14 00:28:47 UTC 2011

IMO if the make-or-break point for your SEO strategy is a /date/ on the URL
,then you're using the wrong SEO strategist.

Claude, in my experience a "lot" depends on your db config (sorry couldn't
resist the pun).  It could be as few as 100s.  I had a site that was doing
something similar (no category slugs for archives).  At some point (low 100s
of pages/posts) the redirect table got so big that it
exceeded max_allowed_packet.  At that point, caching was about the only
thing that saved us since every page view would cost in excess of 2000
database requests (tried to rebuild the redirection table for every


> What is "a lot" and "a few"?
> 10s 100s 1000s or 10,000s
> If it's an obvious question, forgive my newbish-ness.
> Would be nice to know when I need to start worrying about the
> permalink. Since, the number in the url is a little unfamiliar to some
> folks, I'd like to keep it out. But performance is very important to
> me.
> Regards,
> Claude Needham


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