[wp-hackers] Permalink Structure - Performance vs. SEO

Leo Baiano ljunior2005 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 01:01:38 UTC 2011

I have a question ... Working in a large project site and will have many
pages, so I opted for the permalink structure that shows the year before the
name of the post, did it to improve the performance of WP.

The problem is that the analyst SEO project asked me to use the category
structure / name of the post, I explained that this causes WordPress to
create several lines of rules to be more than normal and can severely damage
the site in terms of performance, since whenever a URL is requested the WP
need to read a lot of rules to find how to handle the URL, but he claimed
that putting the loss of performance and loss of points in the optimization
SEO SEO ending balance weighing more.

Ask references about the interference of the URL in the site optimization
but he has not handed me anything, so I come to exchange experience with you
on the subject, have done so? Actually the structure category / name of the
post instead of year / name of the post will greatly influence the
positioning of pages in search engines?


Leo Baiano

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