[wp-hackers] Magic Quoting removal Road Map/Plan

Jari Pennanen ciantic at oksidi.com
Fri Jun 10 16:55:41 UTC 2011


2011/6/10 Mike Little <wordpress at zed1.com>:
> Jari,
> The biggest part of the problem is the 14,781 plugins in the repository. Are
> you going to change all of them? And what about the thousands of private
> plugins?

Thats finite number sir! They will get modified and mutilated a shit
loads when PHP6 comes. That is the way it is in PHP, this is a
language that is in constant identity crisis, take for instance PDO
which starts to be enforced in PHP6, there goes the whole point of
ever having magic quotes, it supports prepared statements.

Point is, with introduction to faster non-magic quote API we *have a
chance*. And bear in mind it is faster! Even if nothing, nada were
ever done to mitigate removal of slashes from _POST, _GET etc we would
have access to PHP5,6 compatible _POST etc using this API which is
faster (since it does not require re-running stripslashes over

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