[wp-hackers] wrapping link name between span tags in blogroll

danilo danixland at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 13:25:53 UTC 2011

using the standard blogroll widget I needed the link name to be wrapped 
in <span> tags while using link images, so I tried looking for a valid 
filter to do so but was unable to find it.
here's the standard output of the wp_list_bookmarks function used in the 
blogroll widget:

<li><a href=".."><img ... /> linkname</a></li>

and here's what I needed to achieve:

<li><a href=".."><img ... /><span class="link_name">linkname</span></a></li>

Since I couldn't find a clean way of achieving this I decided to have a 
look at wp-includes/bookmark-template.php and I made a few modifications.

here's the patch I've made, it's on pastebin so that you could have a 
look at it and tell me if it's worth submitting it to trac.


Thanks a lot in advance
Danilo aka danix

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