[wp-hackers] pulling a massive HTML site into Wordpress

John Black immanence7 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 10:02:53 UTC 2011

On 6 Jun 2011, at 13:23, Baki Goxhaj wrote:

> Well, if you don't know some PHP I don't know how you are going to do it

agreed  : /

> 1. Use http://simplehtmldom.sourceforge.net/ to pull content and from the
> old site and map it accordingly to WordPress fields

Even using it is posing a problem. I'm not sure how it is used. I downloaded it, but it goes where, and how do I run it? The documentation that comes with it is clearly not written for total newbies like me.

I have a local archive of the site I need to port. The 50,000 HTML files are sectioned out across 14 main folders (by year), each containing 50 or so subfolders (by week). I want to do the port locally, so under MAMP.

How would the simple_html_dom.php script handle this?

It runs from within a browser?

(oh, I cringe too with my ignorance!)

> 2. Use a custom script to insert posts - like the one you quoted above that
> makes use of wp_insert_posts() function

Forgive me, but step one would create some kind of output per HTML file (stored where?) on which you run a script to pull it into an existing Wordpress installation?

> Good luck.
> Kindly,
> Baki Goxhaj


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