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That is an very interesting development approach. It would be great if
you could share it in a blog post.

I dont have an answer for your questin though - lets get the experts talk.

On 1/16/11, Eddie O'Leary <eddie at teamcolab.com> wrote:
> So I am fairly sure I am bringing up an old discussion here.  Sorry if I am.
> I have several high traffic WordPress websites that have local, staging, and
> production environments all tied together with a git repository on github.
> Ideally, any changes I make locally are tested and then pushed to staging
> which will show up at staging.mysite.com.  Once the changes have been
> evaluated on staging they are pushed to the live environment.
> I am running into the traditional problem of the absolute links created by
> the WordPress media library.  I would like to be able to pull the production
> database down to staging for testing and not have to search and replace the
> database for links.
> My first thought it to create a media.mysite.com and force all my
> environments to put files there.
> Another solution I am considering is using the W3 Total Cache plugin to put
> all the media files on the Rackspace Cloud CDN.  All of our media files
> would be located in one spot, theoretically, eliminating my permalink issues
> for images and PDFs uploaded via the media library.
> I would appreciate any feedback you all have on this.
> Thanks,
> Eddie
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