[wp-hackers] Will Activation Hook Be Executed During Plugin Upgradation?

Ken (WraithKenny) ken.adcstudio at gmail.com
Mon Sep 20 22:16:44 UTC 2010

Should we extend the  API?

Have activation hook add an option entry for the version automatically. (and
a legacy check to add it if it's missing).
Have a upgrade/update hook that checks version against version option, so
that it handles uploaded upgrades (and maybe checked on
activation/deactivation calls to be sure its caught?)
Have uninstall hook delete option on uninstall automatically.

This would be nice, as it's less burden on the plugin devs and has all the
benefits of an API (core adds checks and features without devs missing

Alternatively, we make plugin authors do it themselves and put the best
practice in the handbook...

And then we can extend it to Themes! (yeay! Theme's need what plugins have.)

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