[wp-hackers] Multi-sites in WP 3.0 running SLOOOOOOOOW

Gregg F. Tomlinson gregg at fatheaddesign.com
Fri Sep 17 17:15:59 UTC 2010

Anyone running multi-sites in WP 3.0 have any pointers on getting them  
to run faster? Currently I'm working on a bunch of WP sites that I  
want to have running on the same WP install. Reason for doing multi- 
site is that these are all for the same client, and they'd like to be  
able to just log into one backend to edit all their sites.

Eventually there will be 18 separate mobile-only sites (redirected  
from existing Flash-based desktop user sites via php) off the same WP  
install, and just in dev right now with five sites on this install  
they are running super slow. These are hosted on a private server  
(physical, not cloud-based) at Rackspace so I know it's not server  
load or traffic related, it's got to be the code itself. I have WP  
multi-site set up to run each site as a subdomain of the main URL, and  
this is working very well... it's only when you get into the secondary  
pages of the site where the sites practically grind to a halt.

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