[wp-hackers] wp-admin questions

james68 at hushmail.com james68 at hushmail.com
Wed Sep 15 23:08:46 UTC 2010

Is there a plugin anyone knows of that can change thevisual look of 
wp-admin to match the site, all wp-admin pages.  This is depratley 
needed by me.

Secondly I know this doesn't exist in the core (yet?) but is there 
any 3rd party plugin or adon or something that can give me access 
to manage wp-admin stuff via an API, at the very least 
add/edit/delete Posts, Comments, and Users.  I am looking to build 
one system,m that will intergaret everything I use thogether using 
teach services API's would be nice to include my WP site in that if 

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