[wp-hackers] current_page_ancestor class lost on Tertiary pages?

Louis McCoy louie at louiemccoy.com
Tue Sep 14 19:31:16 UTC 2010

> How deep are these levels?  Can you be more specific about the overall
> menu structure or link to an actual example?

It's just the third level - I should have been more clear; it's not the menu
that is three levels deep, it's the page structure. So, this is the page
I. Foo
  A. Bar
    1. X1
    2. X2
    22. X22
  B. Saloon
  C. Tavern
II. Foo Fighers
III. More Foo

But this is the menu structure, since the menu by design doesn't go deeper
than two levels:
I. Foo
  A. Bar
  B. Saloon
  C. Tavern
II. Foo Fighters
II. More Foo

BUT, once I get to X1 / X22 etc. Foo loses the current_page_ancestor class.
Is this just because they're not a part of the menu structure? Shouldn't
Foo, being an ancestor of X1, still keep the current_page_ancestor class,
even if X1 isn't in the menu structure?

Hope I was clearer this time... :-)


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