[wp-hackers] current_page_ancestor class lost on Tertiary pages?

Louis McCoy louie at louiemccoy.com
Tue Sep 14 14:45:18 UTC 2010

Hey everyone -

Now that I've been lurking on the list for a good long time, I've got an
issue with wp_nav_menu that I'd appreciate some insight / help with. On a
site I'm working on, we've got a fairly deep hierarchy of pages - for the
sake of example, we'll say the menu item I'm fighting with is "foo." Of
course, "bar" is a submenu item with "foo" as its parent.

Here's where the problem occurs: X1 through X22 are subpages of bar - and
when you navigate to any of these pages, the "current_page_ancestor" and
"current-menu-ancestor" classes disappear from "foo." Of course, "bar" still
has "current-page-ancestor."

Now, these are all pages, and I haven't entered X1 through X22 in as
tertiary menu items in the menu admin interface, since I'm not displaying
them in the menu. I'm thinking that entering X1 through X22 into the menu
interface and then hiding them via CSS may be my only option, but that
doesn't seem like the best solution...

Anyone have any better ideas? Pretty please? :-D



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