[wp-hackers] Where Should Plugins Store Files?

Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) philip at frumph.net
Tue Sep 14 06:51:30 UTC 2010


$wp_dirs = wp_upload_dir();

It handles knowing exactly where the uploads directories are used for all 
wordpress installs, it's an array, also returns error message if there are 
any errors.  It's handled for you.

Separating directories to a plugin-data directory is just not a good idea, 
you want to limit the amount of open permission directories, so stick with a 
single one (or blogs.dir for ms)

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> Dougal Campbell wrote:
>> I don't see where you specifically said that. You mentioned the user
>> creating the directory themselves, but from the context, it looked
>> like you were still asking a similar question to the original poster
>> in this thread.
> My apologies. That's what I did mean from that, but I didn't phrase it
> fantastically. That's what I get for writing emails late at night. :)
>> Personally, I wouldn't be opposed to a standardized
>> 'wp-content/plugin-data/' folder, with a few convenience functions in
>> core (e.g., plugin_data_directory() and plugin_data_uri()).
> This sounds like a fantastic idea, IMHO.
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