[wp-hackers] Plans to modify /wp-admin/plugins.php for 3.1?

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at newclarity.net
Sun Sep 12 00:52:59 UTC 2010

On Sep 11, 2010, at 1:35 PM, scribu wrote:
>> I'm not entirely sold on the need for plugins to modify that page, though
>> that said your use case is an excellent reason why they should be able to.
> Indeed. I know another developer that has a plugin in the works that takes
> it one step further, allowing you to define your own plugin "categories".

Yes!  After writing mine it occurred to me that would be a logical and useful next step in functionality.

I'd also like to explore creating (virtual) folders to group plugins and/or parent/child plugins (visually speaking), i.e. I could have an SEO folder where I could store all SEO-related plugins (assuming I had several) and I could also move any BuddyPress-related  plugins underneath the main BuddyPress plugin. I'm envisioning an expand/collapse interface with a boxed plus next to the folder name and/or the plug with children and when expanded the child plugins would just be visually indented slightly. I'm thinking drag and drop to organize them with the addition of a drop-down to select parent from among other plugins for those that need to use the keyboard.

>>> #4.) Lines 435 thru 442 - Similar to #3 the totals for each type of
> plugin are set to script local variables and there's no good way to affect
> the even with global access:
>>> $total_all_plugins = count($all_plugins);
>>> $total_inactive_plugins = count($inactive_plugins);
>>> $total_active_plugins = count($active_plugins);
>>> $total_recent_plugins = count($recent_plugins);
>>> $total_upgrade_plugins = count($upgrade_plugins);
>>> $total_network_plugins = count($network_plugins);
>>> $total_mustuse_plugins = count($mustuse_plugins);
>>> $total_dropins_plugins = count($dropins_plugins);
>> Restructuring that as an array would also allow us to avoid using
> variable-based variable names, which is ugly.
> Already done in trunk.


So will you address all seven (7) points I wrote about or will I need to come back and make some additional changes?  And if the latter when will the mods you are working on be done? 

Thanks in advance.


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