[wp-hackers] Filtering controls for custom post types

Werner lists at mollentze.co.za
Thu Sep 9 09:46:59 UTC 2010

  Hi Hackers

When custom post types are listed in admin, the familiar typical post filtering 
controls appear, like:

     All (25) | Published (21)

In addition, the "show All Dates" filter, too.

Is there any way one can hook in somewhere to add your own custom filtering 
controls to the admin interface?

I went through the docs, Googled, etc - but came up empty handed. It almost 
seems like it's not possible... I hope it is!

Please share a hint or url to a resource if you know how to conquer this 
problem. Or, if you know of a plugin that pulls it off, I'll install it and look 
at its code.

Thanks for your time.

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