[wp-hackers] Site Address in Posts Table

Cornelius, Gregory gcorne at bu.edu
Fri Sep 3 16:26:01 UTC 2010

> Jokes aside, I can't see what people are complaining about here? The
> pros seem to outweight the cons by a large margin.

I think you are oversimplifying the issue.  There are numerous ways that URIs that point to WordPress resources can be added to a site.   Moving from one domain to another requires that all of these instances which are scattered throughout postmeta, options, posts, and possibly other tables to be updated.  I have modified the url that is stored and inserted when media is added to a page, but this only covers a small subset.

And, the WordPress data can also be used in various ways.   For example, a multi-site installation might aggregate posts and display them on a second domain, or a plugin might push posts to other services.  

Inferring that this is a simple problem with a simple solution without any ramifications is not productive.

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