[wp-hackers] Site Address during development

ErisDS erisds at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 15:53:48 UTC 2010

> The problem with any perceived problem like this, is that a very small
> minority of WordPress users have this problem (i.e. moving sites), and are,
> in this case,  knowledgeable enough to overcome the problem.
> Most WordPress users (11 million plus) do not move their sites, but *do*
> have their sites read through feed readers, aggregated on other sites, and
> their podcasts listened to in iTunes.
> So although the vocal developers on this list can see a need, in fact their
> use case for the problem is
> a) a very tiny minority, and
> b) only occurs once when a site is moved. All other times it is fine the
> way
> it works now.

I think your argument works against you as much as it does for you. Most of
the 11million general populous users, should they want to move their site,
wouldn't be able to.
I've seen this issue raised around the internet by "general" users enough to
think it is a problem for the general 11mil - it is less of a problem for me
and other devs.

I pointed out that for me the why is more of an issue than the how to solve.
Personally I am knowledgable enough to solve the problem, and love WordPress
enough that it doesn't annoy me or put me off.
However, knowing other CMS and frameworks as I do, WordPress is the one of
the few that has this issue - those that have a hard coded URL it is only
encoded in one or two places. So if WP only had the home and siteurl options
hardcoded, this would be on a par - but this is not the case. I understand
the RSS argument, but still think the hardcoded URLs could be generated on
the fly - this isn't a hard and fast reason FOR having hard coded URLs.

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