[wp-hackers] (OT) DNS Settings for WWW vs not

Chris Williams chris at clwill.com
Wed Sep 1 16:21:49 UTC 2010

This is OT, but I'm sure someone here can point me in the right direction.  I knew the answer at one point, but I'm tired and grasping at straws.

I have several sites I'm working on.  Some are working just fine with and without the "www" (e.g. www.x.com and simply x.com).  One is not.  It's DNS records are with godaddy (no I can't move them, it's the customer's), but the hosting is elsewhere.  It works just fine with the www, but without it, it goes to a godaddy parked page.  The customer has asked godaddy and they say "you need to use domain name forwarding from x.com to www.x.com).  I know this is crap, that it's just the DNS settings that are hosed, but I can't remember what the DNS settings need to be to solve this.

The @ record points to the parked page, and there is a CNAME record for the www that points correctly.  Isn't this the issue?  Shouldn't the main @ record point to the correct place and the CNAME record point to the @ record?

Thanks for the interruption and way off topic, but I'm sure some smart person here could help.  Taking this private and off the list is fine/great/etc.

Thanks in advance,

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