[wp-hackers] Exporting Menus

Beau Lebens beau at dentedreality.com.au
Wed Sep 1 04:01:11 UTC 2010

>> I keep trying to build tools that help us move sites from Development to Staging to Production in a more automated way, without having to replace the entire DB, but I keep running into road blocks.    Right now the menus, widgets and SIte URL coded into the DB are my three major sticking points.

> Also, Beau Lebens though it wasn't an issue for many of the core developers given they are not really deploying client sites (except Mark.)

My point was not that it "wasn't an issue" so much as it's not
something that comes up for a LOT of people (because of their
"development cycle"), probably some of the core developers included.

I agree that the development server -> production server workflow with
WordPress is far from ideal, and could use some work/review. I also
don't doubt that if someone can come up with a non-intrusive,
backwards-compatible, not-a-huge-massive-amount-of-code way of doing
this, then it'd be supported in core (whether it was through actual
inclusion, or just some new hooks or whatever to make it easier).

As WordPress sees more and more "enterprise"ish development, this'll
become more of an issue, so it'd be good to get people together, come
up with a "this is the best way to do this" and get that documented

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