[wp-hackers] FeedWordPress duplicated posts problem

David Morris dvmorris at gmail.com
Sat Oct 30 05:47:56 UTC 2010

I apologize in advance for asking about a specific plugin here, but I don't
know where else to go for help. FeedWordPress is pulling in two, three,
four, and as many as 15 copies of the same post when it updates (via manual
cron triggers or via auto updates).

It doesn't happen all the time, and it doesn't happen with every post. I
also noticed that it occasionally says that a FWP post was "created locally
on this site", even though it wasn't. Copies of that same post will
sometimes say "local", and sometimes "syndicated". And one more strange
behavior, it's actually posting stuff from one domain into another
completely different domain, but it only seems to pull the post_title
across, no content or categories.

I'm on a WP Multi-site 3.0.1 install with FWP v2010.0905. I'm also using WP
Super Cache if that might make a difference. Has anyone experienced any of
this before? Does the duplicated posts FWP filter work properly?

Thanks for your help,

Dave Morris

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