[wp-hackers] Displaying a page on-the-fly with a plugin

Dino Termini dino at duechiacchiere.it
Wed Oct 27 13:08:29 UTC 2010

Thank you. So, just to recap for other people who may be interested in 
this, the trick is to use the 'the_posts' hook and create an object with 
the hooked function that makes Wordpress think that's the post returned 
by the query. Clever!


PS: Andrew, thank you for clarifying the question about the codex.

On 10/27/2010 7:14 AM, Rafael Ehlers wrote:
> Use this class/plugin:
> http://scott.sherrillmix.com/blog/blogger/creating-a-better-fake-post-with-a-wordpress-plugin/
> A lot of plugins are using it.
> Best Regards,
> Rafael *Ehlers*

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