[wp-hackers] "The Matrix Has You" easter egg

scribu mail at scribu.net
Sun Oct 24 22:00:11 UTC 2010

On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 12:24 AM, Eric Mann <eric at eam.me> wrote:

> For the sake of argument, why don't we come up with a list of these
> "additional" features that developers might need to turn off for clients,
> bundle the code into a drop-in (as opposed to a plug-in), and allow
> developers who need it to just deploy it on their sites?

I think putting it in the mu-plugins folder would be just as godd, with the
added benefit of no Core modifications required.

Why respond with "there's nothing that can be done" and "this
> conversation's going nowhere"? As if WP wasn't an open source project
> where the community decide what happens with it? :-\

Just because it's open source doesn't mean it's a democracy.

WP is a meritocracy. In other words, some voices weigh heavier than others,
based on their previous contributions to the project.

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