[wp-hackers] oEmbed or similar on wordpress-hosted blogs

Davide Cerbo davide.cerbo at exmachina.ch
Fri Oct 22 16:12:44 UTC 2010

Hi to everyone!

we have developed Snoopal, a document sharing service publicly available at
at www.snoopal.com.

we would like to be able to embed our own document viewer in blog posts on
wordpress-hosted blogs as it is for similar services such as YouTube,
Scribd, etc.). Also, we would encourage our user community to embed their
docs on Snoopal into their posts on wordpress-hosted blogs.

Snoopal is currently not listed in the white-list of media which can be
embedded into posts on wordpress-hosted blogs.

With this message I am kindly requesting whether it would be possible to add
Snoopal to the white-list of media which can be embedded in posts on
wordpress-hosted blogs.

Actually we already support oEmbed standard.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any question or need
any additional information.

I hope that this is the right place for this question :)

thanks in advance,

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