[wp-hackers] Multisite w/ Subdomain issues

Ryan Bilesky rbilesky at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 23:35:53 UTC 2010

I am looking to have 2 WP powered sites.  mysite.com (as a CMS) and
blog.mysite.com (as a blog, obviously).  Now I opted to setup multisite
since thats the easy way to do this.  However I have a small issue.  Instead
of a wildcard subdomain entry I just created a dns entry for blog.mysite.com,
but I also have pointed m.mysite,com to mysite as well to display a mobile
version of mysite.  Since m.mysite.com isn;t setup as a seperate blog it
shows the registeration page.  Is anyone aware of a way wherew I can have
wordpress treat m.mysite.com like mysite.com.  Then I have a plugin that
will detect the m.mysite.com url and override the theme with a mobile theme.

If this is not possible if I specifically create a site m.mysite.com can I
have it pull the contents from the tables for mysite.com with a plugin or

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