[wp-hackers] hosting cost

Andrew Gray andrew at graymerica.com
Sun Oct 17 13:23:45 UTC 2010

I have a client with a wordpress site that gets the following traffic.

1.  6.2-6.4 Million page views per month
2.  Around 3 TB of Transfer per month
3.  Most of the users are logged in, so the static caching options are not that effective. ABout 80% of the traffic is direct to the DB.  We have about 20 plugins, but nothing too crazy.

We are currently on Rackspace Cloud Sites and the bill is getting up there, since they "fixed" their reporting systems.

WIth out knowing much more, How much do you think they should be paying per month for managed hosting?   Not build your own, support your own server setups, but a support desk that you can call 24-7 and someone who updates your LAMP stack, etc.

I would not hold anyone to the amount, I just wanted to know what this group of experts would think was reasonable for 24 Hour managed / supported hosting for something of this size?

I just want to make sure that I am not way off base when I say our current cost is reasonable.  

thanks and sorry if this is off topic, 


PS.  Would people be willing to do a survey on this, if we made the results anonymous and public at the end.  That would be very cool.

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