[wp-hackers] Blog Owner in a Multisite

Ashish Saini ashishsainiashfame at gmail.com
Fri Oct 8 12:09:41 UTC 2010

Hey everyone!

I am trying to get a list of the blog owners sorted by the total pageviews
on all their blogs and show the number of blogs and total pageviews of all
their blogs next to their name.

I have build up an array which holds the pageviews of each blog on network
with the blog id as they key.
But now the question is how do I get to the blog owner of a particular blog
from the blog id so that I can aggregate the data for users?

Comments or suggestions are welcome! :)

Thanks & Regards
Ashish Saini aka Ashfame
(Deserve Before You Desire)
Homepage : http://www.ashfame.com | Blog : http://blog.ashfame.com | Twitter
: http://twitter.com/ashfame

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