[wp-hackers] Adjacent post is affected by the query

Ashish Saini ashishsainiashfame at gmail.com
Mon Oct 4 21:16:10 UTC 2010


When I try to execute a query on my own table by fetching the post ID from
the post global, then the same query is in effect on the adjacent post too.
I have seen this thing before but Googling didn't turn up anything. I think
it has something to do with the navigation links (previous and next post).

I am storing post views in a separate table & whenever I increment the
count, the adjacent post's view count is incremented too.

The very same bug (lets call it a bug for now) is in WP-PostViews plugin by
Laster Chan too.

Can you guys point me in some direction in this matter?

Thanks & Regards
Ashish Saini aka Ashfame
(Deserve Before You Desire)
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