[wp-hackers] Query for Multiple Custom Taxonomies

Curtis McHale curtis at curtismchale.ca
Mon Oct 4 17:22:57 UTC 2010

Use Case:

Music site with 'genre' as a hierarchical taxonomy. Each show may have 
multiple genres associated with it.

Currently query_posts(); doesn't support putting multiple slugs into the 
query so I could grab shows of the same genre that the user might be 
interested in. Looking around you have to query the database directly.

There should be a query parameter of $taxonomy_id that lets you put 
multiple ids into the query just like cat_id does.

I looked around on Trac and didn't see a ticket but I may have missed 
it. Is there a ticket for this already? Is there support for this 
change? Unfortunately I probably can't provide the code though I'm happy 
to test it.
Curtis McHale


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