[wp-hackers] Bundled Plug-ins

Eric Mann eric at eamann.com
Sat Oct 2 14:05:58 UTC 2010

I love the idea of distributing Akismet with WordPress.  It's a vital plugin
to any successful blog and a great idea to have that functionality bundled
yet optional.  However . the fact that Akismet is maintained separately from
WP can be a little problematic.  Specifically, a fresh download and install
of WP about 5 minutes ago contains an outdated copy of Akismet.  Installing
a brand new "up-to-date" copy of software and immediately being told there's
an update available conjurs up flashbacks of the endless
update-reboot-update-reboot cycle that drives many people away from
Microsoft Windows.


So what can we do to maintain the elegance of bundled plugins without
running the risk of notifying users of new updates less than 5 minutes after
they open a new package?

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