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Potkanski, Jason jpotkanski at tribune.com
Wed May 26 14:51:51 UTC 2010

We lock the database tables for writing when doing upgrades/replication/maintenance. There are also simple ways to do maintenance built into Wordpress.

See also:

-Jason Potkanski
Tribune Technology

On 5/26/10 9:44 AM, "Mo Braga" <Mo.Braga at LBi.com> wrote:

Hi Jeremy,

Thank you - and John Bloch - for your answers.

I tried renaming wp-admin, but the frontend site stopped being served (I had only a blank screen). This was fixed as soon as I renamed the directory back to wp-admin. If you say you had success with doing it, I think it is worthwhile investigating why it did not work in my case. I'll report back any finding.


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On Wed, May 26, 2010 at 2:52 AM, Mo Braga <Mo.Braga at lbi.com> wrote:
> Simple question: What would be the best way to do a WordPress content freeze on a site that has many users?

When doing upgrades I want to avoid any users editing posts or leaving
comments leading up to the relaunch. So far I've had a lot of success
with just renaming wp-admin temporarily (ie, "/wp-admin-disabled/").
The frontend of the site continues to work but no data can be saved.

You need to also turn off comments in your theme temporarily (which is
pretty easy, only takes one tiny change) so that visitors don't see a
form that won't submit. You also might have plugins that freak out and
need to be disabled for the process.

If you meant turning off the site permanently as in archiving the
whole thing then the best bet is probably changing all user roles like
John proposes. If you don't want to use the user roles data (i.e. who
was what) then you could use a Roles/Capabilities plugin like Capsman
to remove all capabilities from all the roles except admin. That way
you could turn the site back on by just adding the caps back onto the
roles (might want to make notes about who had what though ;)

Jeremy Clarke
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