[wp-hackers] [GSoC] Dashboard Modules

Bumbu Alex bmbalex at gmail.com
Thu May 20 00:15:49 UTC 2010


how you now guys (and girls) in few days will start official GSoC period.
And I'll work around modules from dashboard. And it will be cool if you'll
say what you really need, or what you really want to see additional as
module in dashboard of WordPress. I'll present very brief list of things to
do, and I'll wait for your suggestions/ideas/critics and even no response :

Making dashboard modules more configurable(add or improve configuration
options, maybe add new things in this modules):
Right Now
River of comments (#12432)
Creating new dashboard modules(of course such modules can already exist, but
not stable, not complete, leaved without attention or forgotten):
Recent Posts
Recent Media
User creating
Everything to be done through AJAX, and co-working with Silviu Cristian
Burca who has project for GSoC "Ajaxify Admin"

thanks in advance, and feel free to ask and critique : )

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