[wp-hackers] wrong comment and whitespace issues in seems_utf8($str)

Hans Krentel hanskrentel at yahoo.de
Sun May 16 13:42:09 UTC 2010

On the last developer meetup it was said not to handle #5998 for 3.0, so the ticket got punted to 3.1.

Ticket URL is: http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/5998

Because of the punt, I added an interrim patch that adresses a problem with a comment (technical mistake in the comment) and some intendation and code-formatting issues within a single function.

I did not wanted to open a new ticket for these little changes.

It should be safe to add the patch to trunk right away. The only thing changed next to docs and whitespaces is the adding of an additional line:

$str    = (string) $str;

which is a cast to string only. If that is hindering a committer, please remove that line.

patch is here:

I would be very thankfull if a committer can just review and hopefully commit it. I did not wanted to open an extra ticket for this and when I debug encoding issues I need to wrangle a lot in functions.php so this would spare me some edits. Thanks!

-- hakre

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