[wp-hackers] Proposal: StackOverflow for WordPress

Peter Westwood peter.westwood at ftwr.co.uk
Tue May 11 20:46:32 UTC 2010

On 9 May 2010, at 19:36, Mike Schinkel wrote:

> Not sure if you've had the same experience as me but lately when I google for a technical problem related to development it seems I keep finding links to StackOverflow[1] and those links seem to best address the reason I googled.
> Turns out the team that created StackOverflow just got $6 million in VC from a dream-team of investors[2] and are now accepting proposals[3] for specific communities.  Because their site does such an incredible job of surfacing the correct and relevant answers I'd love to see a Stack Overflow-like site for WordPress.  
> Turns out they require a significant number of people to sign on for supporting a proposed topic in order for them to be willing to launch a site([3]: Find the heading "The New Stack Exchange Site Creation Process.") I'm hoping others here agree that Stack Overflow has been useful and would like to see one for WordPress too.
> BTW, all content on their sites is CC licensed and available for download so Automattic could choose to repurpose the content on WordPress.org or WordPress.com. Hopefully the fact it's not part of http://wordpress.* won't keep those at Automattic from supporting this proposal.

Personally I would rather make our support forums better if they are missing things so as to give people on central place for all things WordPress.

We already have a team of volunteers who moderate that forum very well.

I also don't see why WordPress questions need a separate Stack Exchange site when they can already be asked on the main Stack Overflow site.

It is also not clear exactly which CC license they plan on using - and that has a big effect on how usable the data-dumps would be.

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