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Christian Foster christian.foster at gmail.com
Tue May 11 04:30:22 UTC 2010

I'm sorry but that is just rubbish. You wouldn't be able to create it 
easily at all - you would be able to create a half baked, 50% version 
easily and then spend as much time as they have finessing it to the 
final standard.

Read: http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/2009/07/code-its-trivial.html.

I just want the best tool for the job and as a repository of exporable 
knowledge I find the stackoverflow system to be the best - why would we 
not want the best for the community?

I feel quite strongly about this - the current forums work okay but they 
are hard to filter out the noise, all the badly written questions, and 
then there are thousands upon thousands of good answers buried beneath 
all the other stuff.

On 11/05/10 1:00 PM, Mark E wrote:
> Christian Foster wrote:
>> If you haven't used stackoverflow it is an extremely well designed 
>> site - good answers and questions) find their way to the top. It 
>> encourages people to ask clear and concise questions (the question 
>> can be rated up as well as answers). The style and structure is much, 
>> much, much better than standard forums. Just as an example as you are 
>> typing in your question it automatically retrieves a list of similar 
>> questions to reduce duplicates. Certainly if it was forums (or a 
>> mailing list...) vs. a stackexchange site I would choose the 
>> stackexchange site in a second.
> All of the features of SE could be created via plugins for bbPress in 
> a relatively brief amount of time (as in days, not months) by one or 
> more competent developers. It certainly isn't complicated. Very simple 
> in fact.
> Mark
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