[wp-hackers] Tracking Wordpress Events/Actions over Time

Peter Adams peter at oncefuture.com
Mon May 3 07:35:47 UTC 2010

Hi All -

I'm getting ready to push a new version of the Open Web Analytics for Wordpress plugin and was wondering if anyone felt strongly about being able to track Wordpress actions over time and/or correlate them with traffic metrics such as page views, visits, etc.

The Wordpress actions that I'm thinking of instrumenting and reporting are:

- # of comments
- # of trackbacks
- # of new posts
- # of new pages
- # of edits (posts and pages)
- # of new blogs (WP 3.0)
- # of logins
- # of new user profiles created

Am I missing something that people might find useful?

Also, does anyone know what hook is called in 3.0 when a new blog is created?



Peter Adams
Open Web Analytics => http://www.openwebanalytics.com

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