[wp-hackers] how to do a single-instance widget with the new API

Otto otto at ottodestruct.com
Wed Mar 17 17:55:28 UTC 2010

Firstly, yeah, that's the wrong way to do AJAX. Like he said.

Secondly, single instance widgets are the tool of the devil. Don't do
it. Make it work multiply.

Third: If you're inheriting from WP_Widget, then you have a $number.
That $number is something you'll find useful for looking in that


2010/3/17 Raphaël Droz <raphael.droz at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> I've just done my first widget using the new API.
> The abundance of documentation helped a lot anyway I'm now blocked by
> what, at a first look, didn't seem a huge issue but ...
> This widget uses jquery to request the server asynchronously.
> On the server side, in my widget/plugin directory I have an action.php
> which :
> define('DOING_AJAX', true);
> include('../../../wp-config.php');
> include(WP_CONTENT_DIR . '/../wp-admin/includes/admin.php');
> # then sends the answer.
> The problem is that get_option('widget_wpsympa'); returns nested arrays
> of the (possibly) several instances of the widget while it's aimed to be
> unique.
> Should I forget about the new widget API ?
> Should I wait for a WP 3 new option in $widget_ops ?
> Or is there a way to obtain the specific instance calling in action.php ?
> Thank you for your answers.
> Raph
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