[wp-hackers] Best format for regularly updated data

Dan Smart dan at dansmart.co.uk
Wed Jul 28 10:34:21 UTC 2010

Ok to do that I'll have to maintain a cross-referenced list of courses to
post ids, and add new courses / delete them where necessary, but that sounds

Why do you specifically recommend Custom Post ids in this situation, rather
than Pages containing course information? Is it because it's easier to just
display courses with their information more appropriately, or another



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On Jul 28, 2010, at 3:36 AM, Dan Smart wrote:
> 1) The plugin imports to a db table of its own, and displays the 'pages'
> itself, managing the rewrite rules to display the appropriate content.
> 2) On the import of data, create new Wordpress Pages each time, and track
> and delete the old ones (they will no longer be needed). Are there any
> downsides to this regular turnover of pages?

Why can't you use option #3, update the existing pages?  (actually, you'd
almost certainly want to use custom post types instead of pages.)

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