[wp-hackers] Best format for regularly updated data

Dan Smart dan at dansmart.co.uk
Wed Jul 28 07:36:45 UTC 2010

Caveat: If this isn't the best list for this, please direct me
appropriately. However, this seems a best practices question, which is why I
directed it here for the moment.

I have a project where a significant amount data is regularly updated once a
day (database file is FTP'd across once a day). This part is out of our
control. This information (a college's course data) needs to be browsable as
pages in the CMS, and searchable also.

If it was not regularly updated data, I would simply implement this as a
number of pages in WP. However, I'll be running a daily cron job
(wp_schedule_event) to import the data, so have to deal with regularly
replaced data.

My query:
Has anyone experience of this sort of issue? What's the best way to handle
such data?

There seems to be two approaches to me in the plugin development:

1) The plugin imports to a db table of its own, and displays the 'pages'
itself, managing the rewrite rules to display the appropriate content.

2) On the import of data, create new Wordpress Pages each time, and track
and delete the old ones (they will no longer be needed). Are there any
downsides to this regular turnover of pages?

Any thoughts?


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