[wp-hackers] Rename wp-admin problems

Kris Young KrisY at tbs.uk.com
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Sorry if I didn't make that clear, that part of my comment was directed
towards everyone else.


That's fine and all, but what exactly ARE you doing? I really see no
reason why you would want to remove any of the WordPress branding (in
URL's or otherwise) unless you were intending to pass it off as your
own. Whether you like it or not, creating this thread has opened up
speculation as to what your intentions are (from multiple people, too) -
you have to accept and address that, or not post in the first place.

I guess what my question is, why is it causing any harm by having 'wp-'
in some of your filenames? 

To those that said having WordPress 'in' your site in some way dilutes
your company brand - I disagree. If anything, it opens up new avenues
for people to appreciate the fact you've taken an out-of-the-box
software and modified it for your specific needs. Not myself personally,
but a company I used to work for had a knack for a similarly-popular
.NET solution. They didn't make a secret about the fact the site was
using this software, modified it heavily, and earned a handful of very
good clients out of it. In the end, these clients were using a software
that was fully supported and regularly maintained by the original CMS
developer team, as well as given opportunities to keep improving it by
us. There is no downside to this.

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