[wp-hackers] Filtering Themes visible for a particular network

Shelby, Harper harper.shelby at parivedasolutions.com
Wed Jul 21 23:28:42 UTC 2010

        Thanks for your help. I've successfully moved the themes into site_id-based folders, and they can all be seen, however this appears to have only fixed that part of the problem. As a network admin (OK, I've only tested this with *the* admin, but I had assumed it would still work in that case), I can see all of the themes no matter which network I'm logged in to, and if I enable them in the Super Admin->Themes menu, then the individual sites can see them even if they're not part of that network. Is there anything I'm missing here - I noticed that register_theme_director() just adds to the global $wp_theme_directories - is that the core of the problem, or is it the use of the original site admin login that could cause this?


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> On Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 5:59 PM, Shelby, Harper <
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>> I've been asked to implement theme filtering for a multi-network
>> installation, so that network admins only see those themes which "belong" to
>> them. In the existing installation (on MU 2.9.2), this was done by altering
>> wpmu-themes to check for a Tags value in the theme's CSS file and filtering
>> based on that. I'm trying to move this implementation into a plugin to
>> reduce changes to the core code. Digging into the code, I don't see any
>> action or filter hooks being called in ms-themes.php, so I suspect my best
>> course of action is to move themes into network-specific subdirectories of
>> wp-content/themes, then alter the include path in an admin_init hook to
>> bring in the proper theme directory. Is there a better way to implement
>> this, or are there any potential risks that I haven't seen in this course of
>> action?
> You can indeed register theme directories in a plugin. In fact that seems
> like a very sane way of doing this (as long as you don't expect a theme to
> be used across networks).

What I meant was, no need for admin_init modifications or anything of the
sort. Check out register_theme_directory(). So you could simply have a
plugin that calls register_theme_directory( WP_CONTENT_DIR .
'/network-themes/' . $current_site->site_id ); and you'd be good to go.

Also, I'd upgrade to 3.0 when you can (perhaps with 3.0.1), there's a decent
number of MU improvements and bug fixes that went into that release.
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