[wp-hackers] 3.0 site got hacked

24/7 24-7 at gmx.net
Wed Jul 21 22:13:39 UTC 2010

> > note that this is just FYI.

..As i said: FYI... and explained below, that the hack happend after
the upgrade.

> > My (never finished) portfolio-site got hacked in the last days (after
> > the upgrade to 3.0).
> The title of this is misleading. Have you confirmed 3.0 was the route
> cause? Can you provide a detailed exploit vector?

...as written in the first mail: no i can't. If you read it
completely: it's explained why not (and i know it's my failure).

> What version did you upgrade from? Do you have a shared hosting account
> and with who?

Updated from 2.9.2. Hosted at (mt)'s Gridserver (gs).

> > 2) http://__.www.google.md
> This is a legitimate site

Thanks. Didn't know. Just found it in the middle of both links in the
chronic of ff and wondered.

Due to the fact, that there were that many Qs, i didn't write below
and answered directly.

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