[wp-hackers] Adding field(s) before Title and post content on custom post type

Paul paul at codehooligans.com
Fri Jul 16 01:06:47 UTC 2010

It's been a while since I've needed to do this but I thought there was a hook that allowed displaying fields, meta box or raw above the Title. 

I'm working on a Custom Post Type system where the client may never enter post content for example. All the important information will be contained in a custom meta box. I know I can not support the title and/or editor when I register the post type. But I do still want these on the page. Just would like my specific meta box. Then the Title.  Then the editor. 

Looking at this another way I know I also have the option to not use the UI, again via the register post type call. But I do want all the listing pages. Just looking for more control over what is on the post admin page. /wp-admin/post.php


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