[wp-hackers] Problems recognising templates in the file system

Kris Young KrisY at tbs.uk.com
Wed Jul 14 11:31:07 UTC 2010

Are there strict requirements from WordPress in regards to identifying
and using templates within the file system? Two problems have come up
since trying to organise my file structure a little better - I'm a
stickler for tidy dev environments, and comprehensive file structuring.

Arranging templates into a new folder under the root theme folder has
stopped WP from recognising them. The same goes for moving them back
into the default theme folder and renaming those templates with a hyphen
(so template-blog.php, rather than with an underscore). Undoing both of
these changes fixes the problem, but I want either of those two changes
I made to stand. Preferably both, actually.

Any way around this problem?


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